Photo Credits -  Jasbir John Singh

Photo Credits - Jasbir John Singh

I’m Serene Martin. International Wellness Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author, Yogini, Educator, Personal Growth Mentor - but most of all, a dreamlover who believes in the power of heart-centred living and creating a life you love. I’m the face behind Serenity Secrets where I do talks, workshops and private sessions designed to lead people through transformational breakthroughs. Everything I share is inspired through the trajectory of my own life experiences of journeying through years of self-doubt, abuse, heartbreak, near-death experiences, isolation and much reflection on what it takes to overcome the curveballs that life may throw our way. But life isn’t just a series of crisis management chapters. We are here to embrace our wildest dreams and live boldly and passionately with the ultimate conviction that we are deserving. This is your life. This is your precious time. And it’s all ending one breath at a time.

So live Be-You-Ti-Fully.

Since this is a blog after all, this space documents some adventures of me at my game.