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Wellaholic Super Hair Removal Programme

Wellaholic Super Hair Removal Programme

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Who doesn’t want to have smooth, hair-free skin? The last I checked, even men want it too. I, on the other hand belong to the category of individuals who have an abundance of hair growing in places I rather not have them growing and a lack of hair in places I wish they’ll sprout. I’ll leave that to your imagination. And despite the fact that the ‘let your hairy armpits be’ and all campaigns related seems to be trending of late, I’m nowhere ready for that yet. Moving on…

As far as getting rid of bodily hair is concerned, I’ve tried it all. Shaving, waxing and even Intense Pulse Light (IPL) . But it was only a matter of time before I lost patience with each of them for one reason or the either. It took just too many cuts and bled into my schedule and pocket literally - especially the IPL which isn’t the most affordable of options.

I resorted to a combination of shaving and waxing for the longest of time, but recently grew impatient with it again the longer my appointment list grew. So I searched for alternate options online and came across the Wellaholic Super Hair Removal (SHR) technology. I’ve not looked back since and here’s why :


The Super Hair Removal uses ‘in-motion’ technology that massages and gently heat the skin gently using low energy, high frequency waves that significantly reduces the pain of traditional IPL/waxing methods. In fact, I’ve never felt any pain in any of the sessions.

2. Suitable For All Skin Types & Tones

While traditional IPL with relatively small amounts of melanin can remain relatively unharmed with IPL, research is increasingly indicating that the traditional IPL can damage darker skin tones by causing temporary/permanent skin darkening or lightening. This is something I definitely pay attention to being brown skinned as it will be tragic to end up looking like a spotted hyena - especially when in the pursuit of beauty. Since the Super Hair Removal treats the stem cells through low energy, high frequency waves, damage to the integrity of the skin tone is avoided altogether.

3. Affordability & Flexibility

One of greatest plus points of the Wellaholic SHR is it’s affordability. By giving customers the option of purchasing unlimited packages, they have the leeway to go for as many sessions as they need and also treat as many body parts as they desire. Wellaholic even has a Lifetime Maintain Mode for members to receive for maintenance treatments after their package has expired, if needed, at low price points to make it sustainable for them. How thoughtful!

Photo Credits - Wellaholic

Photo Credits - Wellaholic


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