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Road to South Korea for Breast Augmentation

Road to South Korea for Breast Augmentation

Photo Credits -  Din

Photo Credits - Din

There is nothing predictable about my life. I have worked at the prisons and communicated with inmates about to face death, been at the brink of death myself when I almost drowned in a water rafting accident, was happily married at one point then painfully ‘abandoned’, been to the top and bottom of more mountains and valleys around the world than I can remember, published writing alongside Oprah Winfrey and Brian Tracy, cruised through multiple rounds of the world’s first Night Safari as a tram guide to know the exact hiding spot of the Indian Elephants, presented on mindfulness at business conferences and coached individuals and students who opened their hearts to me…... And now, I’m about to embark on another exciting exploration. I’m off to South Korea this weekend for a breast augmentation aka Mammaplasty aka Boob Job. Lol.


The world of aesthetics has always fascinated me. Never in my wildest imagination though did I conceive of sharing something as private as this publicly. But, here I am, sharing some of what I do in the hope of inspiring you too to pursue (not plastic surgery per say) whatever it is that you are inspired to do for reasons unique to no one else, but you.

Picture Credits -  Babito Garez

Picture Credits - Babito Garez

On Confidence & Authenticity

The plethora of responses that came up when I mildly broached the topic of cosmetic surgery is pretty amusing…

“People who do it are fake, have no self-esteem, are doing it to attract attention, think that something is ‘wrong’ with themselves, have no self-love, are taking stupid risks, should stay ‘natural’ ….”

If it was a self-esteem issue or lack of self-acceptance, I should have been hiding in a closet all these years instead of having a blast doing countless photoshoots, wellness talks and sharing messages on self-love and acceptance. Most people who undergo such procedures in fact do not talk about it openly because they fear judgement and rather give the impression that it is ‘natural’. Talking about it openly on the other hand reflects the willingness to acknowledge who you are and embrace why you do what you do (though what you do with your own body and life is none of anyone’s business to begin with). So, to the contrary darlings, it does require a certain dose of confidence to put yourself out there in the line of fire and speak about what you do. To me, it is also intriguing to go behind the scenes and demystify some elements of the quest for (external) beauty so that it is more accessible to those who are curious or may be interested in something similar.

“There Is No Need To”

There is absolutely no need for anyone (apart for medical reasons perhaps) to embark on cosmetic surgery– so it isn’t a question of need really – but rather one of individual choice and preference. I want to – for a change. Coming into the world naked is perhaps testimony of the fact that we don’t need much really. We are complete, adequate, beautiful as we are. Undoubtedly. But, people consistently change themselves and embrace change in different ways – they follow trends, get tattoos, piercings, apply make-up, build muscle, lose fat, get their hair cut or coloured or both, take supplements, smoke, ingest processed food, change their belief systems and the list goes on. We are continually changing ourselves...and along with that altering our ‘natural’ environments via urbanization and the full spectrum of scientific and technological ‘advancements’. The exact nature of the changes vary of course across individuals. Some changes are more subtle perhaps. Others, more apparent. The only thing constant though – is change.

 So what exactly is ‘natural’, really? Pretty much debatable. And perhaps, a subject best left reconciled in the domain of personal introspection. To me, it’s about being authentic in doing what resonates with your heart and soul. End of story.

Risk Assessment

If we’re trying to manifest anything that involves big or small changes in our lives, there is always a risk involved. We are at the mercy of the traffic each time we’re on the road, regardless of how safe we may be as a pedestrian or driver, a risk of being hurt in relationships and a risk of dying lonely single too. A risk involved in all business relations and a risk of choking on a fish bone. A risk involved in being exposed to unpredictable climactic changes or a terrorist attack whether or not we move an inch from the armchairs of our living rooms. And a risk of genetically inheriting the cancer gene.There’s also a risk of being smashed by falling trees when relaxing or taking a walk in the park. Risk is an inherent part of life. Period.

So, a more practical concern then is risk assessment. While there has been studies of botched surgeries and health complications arising from cosmetic surgery, many of these cases arise due to factors such as patient or doctor negligence and also in cases where procedures were administered by non-medics . So whilst the risk of complications remain, as with any other aspect of life, in the case of cosmetic surgery in particular, one can significantly lower the risk by due diligence and taking the time to find a qualified, reputable, registered and board certified practitioner.

Clinic Of Choice

After months of research, deliberation and consultations with clinics locally and internationally, I decided on JW Plastic Surgery, Korea for a number of reasons…

  1. Korea’s reputation as the plastic surgery capital of the world pretty much speaks for itself.

  2. In the months leading up to the decision, the professionalism and care of the JW Clinic staff like Jay and Emily in patiently responding to all my queries and offering additional advice on getting around Korea, recommendations on accommodation and other details touched me deeply. Decisions are made not just in the head, but heart too. For me especially, intuition has always been the stronger influence between the two. This positive vibe was further affirmed when I had the chance to personally meet up with the JW team at Singapore’s Beauty Trade Exhibition - Beauty Asia Singapore 2019.

  3. Despite the increasing influx of local and international clients seeking surgery in Korea, JW surgeons perform only 3 surgeries a day maximum, so they are able to concentrate on each patient for the best results. 

  4. Surgery will be done by director of JW Plastic Surgery Center and one of the top, Board Certified Breast Surgery specialists in Korea - Dr Chul Hwan Seul himself.

On a side note, if you have not guessed already, it also gives me the excuse to visit the fast developing culturally rich Gangnam District, popularised by PSY’s Gangnam Style, which was once, the most popular song in the world. It will also be my fist visit to Korea - ever.

Gangnam District, South Korea  Picture Credits -

Gangnam District, South Korea

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How Am I Feeling?

I’ll be lying if I said I am not a tad bit nervous. It is my first surgery ever after all. But, the overriding sentiment is clarity of purpose in doing this for myself and excitement. Also, a big thank you to all those who have showed their non-judgemental maturity, support, curiosity and journeyed with me thus far.

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Happy International Women’s Day!

And since this post is going out on International Women’s Day, this one’s especially for you ladies…

Picture Credits - @Erin.Jando

Picture Credits - @Erin.Jando

Signing out for now. I’ll see you next in South Korea!

All my love,


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